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This how-to is on the CD ROM that comes with Infini-D Revealed
from Hayden Books, 1996. Take these steps to create one for yourself:
1. Draw 3 shapes. One side view for your minds eye, one side view with head up (a distorted view to gauge height of knight), and one Generic front view. All templates for the object should be the same scale. minds eye view distorted head up generic front view
2. Using the Generic template make a lathe object.
3. Switch to the freeform vertical layout. Use the distorted head up template and Mirror: none to reshape the two rails in path right.

4. Maintain the starting cross section and create a similar cross section for the ending of the circular base.

5. Start mane on back of neck, and be sure to end it where the face will begin. (Add a middle cross section to stabilize the form when it bends later.)
6. Start the face cross section. Create the next cross section with muzzle and jaw shapes embedded in the main object. i.e. fork sample.
7. Next, leave the muzzle and jaw in tact while diminishing initial shape to hide it. Taper muzzle and snout in last cross section.
8. Select all the points you want to manipulate in Path Right
9. Rotate path point. Edit rails now for last tune up, keeping in mind when you want Mirror:none, or Mirror:2 ways.
10.Final object can be viewed.
Look at Links: Infini-D
Home Main GigChess WarsReplicas3-D Objects Three Feet