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Image of a girl 
with 3 Feet!

If I Had Three Feet
Following are storyboards for a 1.4 MB (compressed:"You won't believe it fits on a floppy!") self promo. There are 28 storyboards, and it serves as a portfolio of 3-D models and animation. It emphasizes skills in multimedia, knowledge of the Web in the early days, and is woven together with a unique sense of storytelling.

hare In theory traveling by foot (clicking on feet) is quicker (in sequence),
turtle Flipping from page to page may take longer (out of sequence)

In it's original form it is animated and has music (3 tunes!) and takes about 5 minutes to play.

To view the original piece (Mac only) order via email, ($10.00 per floppy).

Feet going to