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Thanks for viewing Hope you enjoyed meeting Gigabrain, dissecting the knight, responding to the Replica's questionnaire, pondering love and 3-D objects, and experiencing the tale of Three Feet. If you missed something, go back to Home and try again. Other wise, here are some ideas for further Web viewing.

If you'd like to see some Infini-D models pushed to the limit visit Craig Farley (creator of Bioneers!) at Altered Earth Arts
Or if you want to know more about 3-D modeling and animation visit Specular, International and look at Infini-D, and the Replicas Library. Also try Center for Knowledge Communication and Hayden Books
A great resource for Web design is Creating Killer Web Sites, a site and book created by Dave Siegel and his company Verso.
Email Wesley Rosner at Blue Fox for accelerated database programming and more!
Don't forget FamilyPC
and FamilyPC for kids
And, learn real world architectural woodworking at New England School of Architectural Woodworking

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